Electronic & Wireless Products

Electronic & Wireless Products

Safer surroundings are something that everyone hopes for. But, trouble can come knocking when you least expect it.We believe in Prevention. So, while you have invested in the best security systems, allow us to connect it to our Command Center to make sure it functions 24 x 7, 365 days. When the System is down or we feel your business is in trouble, we will proactively call you, well in time.


Access Control Systems

Electronic access control is the starting point to a secure property. Used extensively in commercial and industrial spaces card and FOB access control allows central management of who has access to what and when.
In most cases, access control systems will manage access to the perimeter of the property as well as limited access spaces such as a server rooms. However, electronic access control systems can be used to manage access to just about any physical space. Electronic access control may be used to limit access to cabinets, vaults, and other enclosures as well as doors and vehicle garage doors.

Fire Alarm Systems

The threat of fire is real and can be devastating to any business. Catastrophic loss of life, destruction of valuable assets and lost revenue is every business manager’s greatest fear.
A professionally installed fire alarm system is designed to detect the elements of fire and provide early warning to employees and responding emergency services agencies. One thing is for certain — professionally designed, installed, monitored and maintained fire alarm systems save lives and property

Video surveillance and closed circuit television (CCTV)

Video surveillance and closed circuit television (CCTV) are powerful tools for securing and deterring invasion of your property. We take a measured approach to designing and implementing video surveillance / CCTV systems that will:
Deter intrusion of your properties
Detect intrusion (using video analytics or in conjunction with traditional “trip-wire” security systems
Provide a mechanism to respond to events and suspected intrusions.
Video Surveillance (CCTV) is most cost-effective in commercial, industrial, and government applications where significant return on investment can be achieved through event detection, verification, and response.

Guest Entry and Intercom Systems

Effective and modern door access systems have an impact on your residents and guests every time they walk in the door. A modern and reliable system, backed by a modern, reliable, and full service company will make a difference to your occupants. We have worked with property managers, building owners, and condo / home owners associations to create options that give you total peace of mind in products, service, and pricing. We provide a single point of contact for the installation and maintenance of your door access and security systems as well as all other central station monitoring (elevator, fire, door entry, security, and environmental / systems monitoring).

Proactive System Monitoring

Security systems often use servers and information technology (IT) systems that are common in the computer world. Traditional security companies, however, often do not give the proper level of attention required by these systems.Video and Access Control servers are mission critical and need to be monitored to ensure they are working when it counts. In addition to regular system testing by day-to-day users, external monitoring can flag issues when they happen or even before they happen.Proactive monitoring uses a traditional IT infrastructure to monitor the availability and resources of video, access control, and other elements of a security system.


“To ensure peace of mind for our customers and exceed their security expectations.”


“To provide the best total security solutions to our customers.”

Intrusion Alarm Systems

From small business to large corporations, intrusion alarm systems provide the first-line of defense against burglary and unauthorized entry.Serving as the primary component of loss prevention and risk management plans,our intrusion alarm platform allows you to build comprehensive solutions that are both cost effective and easy to use. Whether addressing the security needs of your business today or planning for the future, you’ve got the peace of mind knowing that you are protecting the people and assets the make your business possible.

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